About me

Energy boost

With ThinkSketch I combine my academic background and expertise in communication, use of new technology, change management, process management, organization and moderation of workshops, improvisation and especially my love for visualizing complex issues. I know how to ask the right questions. I get an energy boost when I notice that I help people a step further with my drawings.



Management & strategy

After studying Communication Science, I developed presentations and workshops at Media Plaza for companies in different sectors. Because I participated in a management team as head of a department, I recognize the management language and challenges of my clients. That helps in my drawing and advisory work.


I have been drawing my whole life and I am a visual thinker. When more and more people said "you have to do more with that" I started to discover and use the power of visual recording and infographics.



I create my drawings live on an iPad Pro. I like to use new technological possibilities and an iPad is the ideal tool for me to insert creative elements and play flexibly with the structure of a drawing. I can share the result directly on the screen after the session and send it to the client.


Are you curious about what I can do for you? Feel free to contact me.



Elco van Staveren,

owner ThinkSketch.com


'Visual wrap up' by Elco, at the end of a conference day (Cultureconnect, October 2, 2018, photographer: Lien Wevers)